Promotional Photo of Navi: DK 2012 Navi with Michael Jackson

There are far too many achievements that Navi has accomplished to date. The list of a few below will leave you assured that Navi is certainly recognised as the World’s no.1 MJ impersonator. Many tributes around the world make this claim but none have ever come close to reaching the standard that Navi has set. He has been performing as an MJ impersonator for the past 24 years and still continues to captivate audiences.

With a following of 16,000+ on Facebook and having post views over 150,000 a month, no other impersonator can compete. Even on Navi's YouTube channel, one of his videos has had more than 3,000,000 (3 million) views! Navi has become such a force that recently his name had to be ‘trademarked’ as many have attempted to pass themselves off as ‘Navi’. Other tributes are using Navi’s name in their profile or tagging to get some sort of publicity but this compliment is not fair to the general public.

Navi at Michael Jackson's Star on the Walk of Fame, Hollywood, CA WARNING: Some impersonators claim to be the best or the UK/World’s no.1 yet have no evidence to support this prestigious placing. With Navi this isn’t a claim but a fact. The title of World’s no.1 is not just based on Navi’s continued association with Michael Jackson’s world (MJJ Estate, Sony BMG, fellow entertainers, MJ’s family, MJ fans/fanclubs) but shown by MICHAEL JACKSON himself! Unlike other MJ tributes, with Navi, the evidence is seen below. Don’t believe the hype – read the facts!

Navi is the ONLY Michael Jackson tribute that Michael has applauded on several occasions, given a standing ovation to, invited to his home Neverland, and personally chosen to work as a decoy over a period of many years. Navi also has several personal items signed by Michael that he received as gifts over the years. Time and time again Navi was chosen by Michael.

Below are a few previously unreleased photos, videos and documents that cement Navi’s place at the top. With a career span of 24 years to date, we have chosen a variety of photos underlining Navi's achievements.

Navi - Chosen by Michael

Working for Michael Jackson

Over a period of many years (1992 – 2009) Navi was hand-picked by Michael or his company to work in several different ways. These included coming out of hotels as a decoy, promotion of his forthcoming tours, launches of his albums and use of Navi as a body double for his planned ‘This Is It’ concerts (London O2). Navi was always Michael’s choice.

Navi in the studio wearing Michael's hat and jacket Navi with Travis Payne (Michael's Choreographer 1992-2009) Navi's collection of VIP and backstage passes from Michael Jackson concerts & related events

Invited to and visited Neverland Ranch

Navi at the gates of Neverland

In 2003 Navi was invited to perform at Michael Jackson 45th birthday party in Los Angeles. Navi was then invited to visit Michael’s personal home Neverland. Navi took up this honour the following day, which was a surreal experience. Navi spent the day inside Neverland, visited Michael’s cinema, zoo, went on few of his theme park rides and had a barbeque on the grounds.

This memory will always be one of Navi’s most precious.

The Opening Act to Michael Jackson's Birthday Parties
in New York and Los Angeles

Navi was invited to perform as the opening act for Michael’s birthday parties in New York (USA) 2002 and then the following year in Los Angeles (USA) 2003. These were very nervous times for Navi as to meet MJ was one thing, but to perform in front of the greatest entertainer of all time, and to perform his song that set the standard in music history was no easy feat.

Navi performs 'They Dont Care About Us' in New York at Michael Jackson's birthday party Navi performs 'Wanna Be Startin Somethin' in New York at Michael Jackson's birthday party
Navi performs 'Smooth Criminal' in Los Angeles at Michael Jackson's birthday party Navi performs 'Jam' in Los Angeles at Michael Jackson's birthday party

Michael did not only applaud Navi but went onto to give him a standing ovation and thumbs up as he was clearly delighted at Navi’s renditions of his songs.

Navi receives a phone call from MJ in Santa Maria Navi also had the pleasure of speaking with Michael on the phone several times. Below is a photo of the world’s press listening to a phone call MJ placed to speak to his fans and Navi is holding the phone out for them.

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The only MJ Tribute to have worked for & been associated with the 'pillars' of the MJ world

Sony BMG

Navi launches the 'Thriller 25' album Navi launches the 'Number Ones' album in the UK Navi has worked with Sony on several MJ album promotions over the years. These include ‘History’, the ‘Thriller 25’ launch, ‘Number Ones’, ‘King of Pop’ album and ‘Invincible’.

Navi was invited by Sony to their London headquarters to hear Michael’s most recent album before it was released commercially in 2010. Navi went on to review the album "MICHAEL".

Navi was also invited to the movie premiere of ‘Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT’
which was launched globally in Oct 2009.

Navi is interviewed in London's Leicester Square at the premiere of 'Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT' Navi photographed on the red carpet at the 'THIS IS IT' premiere (© Getty Images) Navi is photographed by papparazzi on the red carpet at the 'THIS IS IT' premiere (© Getty Images) Navi's 'THIS IS IT' premiere invite & ticket

MJ Video Game

Navi also has the honour of being chosen to be part of the MJ Video game. Navi filmed this over a period of 2 days in London.

Navi performs 'Billie Jean' for the MJ video game Navi performs 'Thriller' for the MJ video game

The Estate of Michael Jackson

Navi and John Branca (Co-Executor of The Michael Jackson Estate)The MJJ Estate was set up by Michael Jackson to run his brand/business. Navi is recognised by the MJJ Estate and is sometimes invited to see forthcoming MJ products such as Xscape album or MJ ONE – Cirque Du Soleil. Navi is not in any way employed or endorsed by the MJJ Estate.

Tickets to Navi’s performance and the MJ exhibition were the famous hologram tickets that were initially designed for MJ’s 'THIS IS IT' concerts which unfortunately never took place.

Promotion for Navi's performance at London's O2indigo MJ's hologram tickets used for Navi's show

Cirque Du Soleil

Navi's pass for the world renowned Cirque Du Soleil headquartersIn Sept 2011 Navi was invited to Montreal, Canada by the MJJ Estate to watch and review the amazing forthcoming show ‘Cirque du Soleil – The Immortal Tour’ that would be launched in Las Vegas in Dec 2011.

Navi was one of 15 invited guests who had the honour of seeing this spectacular show in its full dress rehearsal weeks prior to its official launch. The following day, the 15 guests including Navi were then invited to Cirque Du Soleil headquarters.

Michael Jackson's Family

Navi has met several of the Jackson family over the years whilst working around Michael. Family members such as Michael’s mother Katherine, his sisters Janet and La Toya, his brothers Jermaine, Randy, Jackie, Tito, and his nephews 3T.

These meetings ranged from the early years of 1994 when Navi was at the Jackson Family Honours in Las Vegas right up to as recently as this year.

Navi with Jermaine Jackson Navi with Tito Jackson Navi with Jackie Jackson

Michael Jackson's Fans

Navi is the ONLY MJ IMPERSONATOR supported by the UK’S MICHAEL JACKSON fanclub ‘KING OF POP’. Navi is also supported by most of the international MJ fanclubs. This is an incredibly special achievement as it highlights the fans appreciation of Navi and his continued support and love for Michael.

Screenshot of King of Pop (The UK Michael Jackson Fanclub)

Forest Lawn, Glendale

Forest Lawns Glendale is where the rich and famous are laid to rest. With such celebrities as Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable (Gone with the wind), Walt Disney (Creator of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland), Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jnr and many more, Forest Lawns is a fitting place for the KING OF POP – MICHAEL JACKSON himself to be laid to rest amongst friends.

In 2011 Navi was invited to and subsequently visited Forest Lawns on two occasions. Navi has had the upmost honour of being invited to have this prestigious place as a final resting place for both him and his family.

Scan of Navi's Forest Lawn deed Navi at Forest Lawn in May 2011 Navi lays flowers at the door where Michael rests Navi at Forest Lawn in October 2011 Navi pauses to reflect
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Supported MJ on highs and at lows

Navi was there throughout many of Michael’s highlights. Navi was involved in the promotion of numerous concerts and albums. He shared magical moments with the greatest entertainer of all time, being backstage at awards ceremonies Michael was attending and invited to pre show and after show parties of MJ’s concerts. On the few occasions that Michael went through difficult times, Navi also stood firmly in support of Michael, not just as an impersonator but also a friend.

2005 - The Michael Jackson Trial

Navi supports MJ outside the Santa Maria Courthouse in 2005 Navi famously stood outside the Santa Maria courthouse in 2005 where Michael was facing child allegation charges (all charges were found NOT GUILTY) and he captured the attention of the world’s press when he dressed as MJ and held a sign saying ‘Smooth but NOT a Criminal’ . This statement was not just pleasing to the world’s MJ fans but Michael himself gave Navi the thumbs up as he was driven into court.

Navi also sat inside the court room. The trial went on for several weeks but Navi travelled between London and Los Angeles 5 times in order to fulfil show commitments and to continue to fly the flag in support of Michael.

One of Navi's passes in to the court room Navi continues to support Michael outside the court house with fellow MJ Fans

Navi Meets MJ's Legal Team

Navi has dinner with the world's most famous lawyer, Johnny Cochrane (Michael Jackson ('93), OJ Simpson, Rodney King

Navi enjoys dinner with Johnnie Cohcrane, from Michael Jackson's legal team. Johnnie is recognised as the world's most famous lawyer having represented celebrity client's such as Rodney King (LA Riots case), O.J. Simpson (Murder Trial) and Michael Jackson (during the 1993 case).

Navi pays tribute at London's O2

Navi pays tribute at the O2, July 13th, 2009

Navi reflects with fellow fans at the London O2 on what would have been the first date of Michael Jackson's 'THIS IS IT' concert series.

2011 - The Conrad Murray Trial

In 2011 Navi once again wanted to stand for Justice in the trial against Conrad Murray (the doctor accused of criminal negligence that resulted in Michael’s passing).

One of Navi's passes for the Conrad Murray Trial Navi prior to going inside court

Navi went to the Los Angeles supreme court to stand with fellow MJ fans and show his support for justice. Navi again sat inside the court room only 2 rows behind Michael’s mother and father.

Navi protests with fellow MJ Fans outside court Navi is interviewed outside court

Navi once again stood outside the courthouse as himself and in his MJ attire in protest to Conrad Murray's negligence and his sentence of 4 years in jail.

Navi is interviewed by HLN (CNN).

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Music Artists & Fashion World

Backstage Passes

Throughout his career Navi has worked with or met many huge names in the music industry. Legends such as Luther Vandross, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Temptations, Four Tops, The Drifters, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, BB King, Gladys Knight, Prince, Little Richard, Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men, Chris Brown, Ray Charles and many more.

Navi has also been invited to many of the world's most famous award ceremonies including; The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (New York), The NAACP (Los Angeles), The Grammy Awards (Los Angeles), The American Music Awards (Los Angeles) and the MOBO Awards (London). Here are a few of passes from Navi s personal collection.

Navi's pass for the NAACP Awards (Los Angeles) Navi's pass for the MOBO Awards (London) Navi's VIP pass for Anita Baker's concert (London) Navi's VIP and backstage passes for Diana Ross's concert (London) Navi's VIP pass for Luther Vandross's concert (London) Navi's ticket to Stevie Wonder's concert (London)

Music Artists

Navi has also had the pleasure of the company of some well known UK artists such as Cheryl Cole, JLS, Westlife, Chipmunk and Mel B (Spice Girls), etc, etc. Here are a few personal photos that Navi has shared with us reflecting his acceptance within the entertainment world as an entertainer in his own right.

Navi and Simon Cowell (American Idol) Navi and JLS Navi and Steve Jones (US & UK TV Presenter) Navi and Freda Payne (Song: Band of Gold) Navi and Wheatus (Song: Teenage Dirtbag) Navi and Gladys Knight Navi and Brian McKnight Navi and Girls Aloud Navi and George Benson (Song: Just Give Me The Night) Navi and T-Boz (TLC) Navi and Cheryl Cole Navi and BB King Navi and Little Richard Navi and Chipmunk Navi and Mary Wilson (Diana Ross & The Supremes Navi and Westlife Navi and Eartha Kitt Navi and Mel B (Spice Girls) Navi and Shirley Bassey Navi and Ollie Woodson (The Tempations)

Fashion World

As well as this, Navi has been involved with the fashion world, from being backstage at Donna Karan and performing at Galliano’s (Christian Dior) 50th birthday party, to being the performer at the ‘Ted Baker’ annual event. Navi was invited to Julien Macdonald’s (Chanel) London Fashion Week collection in which the media frenzy mistook him for Michael Jackson.

Navi with John Galliano Navi with Kate Moss Navi's Donna Karan (DKNY) pass Navi at London Fashion Week for Julien Macdonald (Chanel & Givenchy) Navi at London Fashion Week for Julien Macdonald (Chanel & Givenchy)

Invited to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show

One of the emails Navi received from The Oprah Winfrey ShowIn 2009 Navi was invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show. Due to demanding show commitments Navi was unable to appear on the show. However, this yet again highlights Navi’ global recognition and appeal as the greatest reflection of Michael Jackson and it further confirms his title as the world s no.1 Michael Jackson impersonator.

Performed in over 250 International Shows
within 57 different Countries, across 5 Continents!

In true reflection of Michael’s global name and renowned world tours, Navi has also performed in many international shows world-wide. Having toured so many countries consistently over his career, Navi is undoubtedly the world’s greatest MJ tribute. Whether concerts or store openings, public or private events, large venues or small halls, big budgets productions or with restricted costs, Navi’s ‘KING OF POP’ show fits into every category.

The simple reason why Navi is recognised world-wide and is yet so accessible is down to one fact – Navi is a true Michael Jackson fan himself and doesn’t want to miss a moment of this blessed journey.

Virgin Megastores

Navi at Virgin Megastore launch in Amsterdam

Navi was chosen to open the chain of the world renowned Virgin Megastores throughout Europe in such cities as Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Marseille (France), Milan (Italy), Bordeaux (France), Barcelona (Spain), Amsterdam (Holland), Frankfurt & Hamburg (Germany).

Navi at Virgin Megastore launch in Berlin Navi at Virgin Megastore launch in Vienna Navi at Virgin Megastore launch in Hamburg Navi's Virgin Megastores European Tour Pass

Around The World

In 2011 alone Navi has been to Thailand, Switzerland, the Caribbean, Malta, Belgium (x2), Spain, Russia (x2), USA (x3), Canada and United Arab Emirates and Oman. To be called 'The World’s No.1' is not a claim, but a position made clear by MJ’s choice and the world’s acceptance. Below is a collection of 25 photos from around the world.

Navi promotion for a show in Canada Navi in Spain Navi in France Navi in Bahrain Navi in Northern Ireland Navi in Dubai Navi in Thailand Navi in Japan Navi in Bahrain Navi in Northern Ireland Navi in Ireland Navi in Dubai Navi in Jordan Navi in England Navi in Sweden Navi in Russia Navi in Belgium Navi Promotional Banner in Russia Navi in Switzerland Navi in Japan Navi in Lebanon Navi in Mauritius Navi in Philippines Navi in Oman Navi in Italy

Newspapers, Magazines & Television

This is surely the hardest section to reflect on. When a career has spanned for 24 years to date and reached a global level where Michael Jackson himself has chosen and employed Navi, the TV, newspaper and magazine coverage is simply too huge to be able to list.

OK Magazine

Navi in OK! Magazine (Middle East) Navi in OK! Magazine (Middle East)

Fabulous Magazine

Navi in Fabulous (UK Newspaper Suppliment) Navi in Fabulous (UK Newspaper Suppliment) Navi in Fabulous (UK Newspaper Suppliment) Navi in Fabulous (UK Newspaper Suppliment)

What's On

Navi in What's On Navi in What's On

Navi has been covered by all aspects of the media, from Breakfast TV shows (Good Morning, GMTV, BBC Breakfast, Good Morning America) to newspapers (The Times, Sun, Mirror, News of the world, LA times, New York Post, etc etc) movies, general television and adverts (MTV advert, VH1 Fabulous Life of Michael Jackson, Peter Kaye, appearance on Celebrity Big Brother etc). Navi has even been covered in recognised publications like ‘OK’ magazine, ‘What’s on’ (Middle East) and ‘Fabulous’ Magazine that had a readership of 6million. He has often appeared on front pages and has done numerous radio interviews.

MTV Advert

More Media

Navi in Time Out Navi in DAZED & CONFUSED Magazine Navi on MTV Navi being interviewed in London at the O2 on ITV Navi in Time Out Navi in The National (Dubai) Navi in the Metro (UK paper) Navi in 7 Days (Dubai)
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